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The Truffle Hunters (In Theaters in NY & LA)

If you’ve ever passed a truffle and went into cardiac arrest at the cost, this documentary unlocks a smidgeon of the economic mystery but more importantly, the magical world that exists around them. Nestled in the forests of Piedmont, Italy, the film features a handful of men who have dedicated their days AND nights to searching out Alba truffles with their truffle-sniffing dogs. The result is a beautifully shot fly-on-the-wall glimpse into lives you’ve likely never known existed.

Watch It If: You need a change of pace from the more typical frenzied energy of most releases. This cast of wacky characters is so intimate, it’s almost like you’ve been invited to stay in their homes and drink wine, watch them type letters, and discuss the awesomeness of their dogs (that have names like Birba, which means “mischievous”).