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Chaos Walking (In Theaters and IMAX)

omen no longer exist where Todd (Tom Holland) lives in Prentisstown. So when Daisy Ridley as Viola, a survivor of a crashed spaceship, crosses his path, he’s noticeably perplexed. Viola happens to know that’s the case, since in this sci-fi world, men’s thoughts broadcast as telepathy to everyone in the general vicinity. They call it “noise,” and each manifestation of it is different. But with bad guys lingering around every corner, some whose minds suspiciously don’t broadcast their thoughts, Viola finds herself on the run with Todd, whose thoughts are so big they serve as a beacon for said bad guys. Great.

Watch It If: You want to see a little more out of these stars outside their superhero or space odyssey realms, and if you enjoyed the sci-fi world of Annihilation and want to add a little dash of Western flavor in there.